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getting used to it

I'm getting used to being home, I guess. I almost cried for the first time in, like, forever today because I still haven't been able to find a job. Mom suggested working with Dad, which would earn me a lot of money, but also give me zero time to do anything else but work, possibly work-out, and sleep. But at least I'd be guaranteed my three weeks off that I need.

Sean's coming up on the 28th. He's taking the train to NY, where I will make him experience the heavenly delight that is New York pizza before waiting for Dad to get off of work to drive the two hours plus home to the Poconos. But at least I'll have him all to myself for an entire week. He's going to drive back down to Virginia with me when I have to go for Hollins Summer. Believe it or not, it was Mom's idea ...

I finally got a call back, though, from one of the several places I put in applications at. Pfaltzgraff, a kitchen-ware store from The Crossings (mildly famous outlet stores in the Poconos), called me this afternoon and I've got an interview tomorrow morning. So, hopefully, this should be good. The only thing that sucks is that I need three weeks off. In about three weeks. ... oh well. I will figure it out. No need to get stressed out about stuff that hasn't happened yet, right? I can always suck it up and work for Dad. ... urgh.

It's storming here. In a rather beautiful way. It's gray and bleak, but it's still light, and you can see the world as though it were covering itself up in a blanket and taking a nap while listening to the droplets of water run down the trees. Even the thunder sounds soothing, a far-off sort of rumbling that could just be considered background noise. A low bass that slides smoothly between the ribcage and the stomach and flows outward with ease. Not a lot of lightning, either. Just enough to remind us that God's always watching.

So, in spite of it all, it is a beautiful life, non?
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I wish it'd storm here! I've been itching for it to storm since the day I got here. Lucky!

I, too, am jobless but with a backup job. Oh, backup jobs, how we don't want to turn to you.
LOL, EXACTLY! Oh, boy.