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Hm ...

Odd question: do you all, when you think of yourselves in reference to another, place on a plane or some sort of continuum where they rank in comparison to you? Like, thinking that someone is above you (I don't quite want to use that phrase, but for lack of a better term ...), or that you are perhaps slightly above someone else. And then you act accordingly. Like, for someone who you may think is higher on the continuum, you tend to feel, perhaps, meeker, or as though you are to cater at least somewhat to their whims to earn some form of validation from them; which is ultimately good considering they're higher on the continuum. But dude, what happens when you feel like that, but they feel like that about you? Do things get mixed up? Is the universe thrown out of balance? (Ah haha, melodrama.) I'm just curious ... it's weird.

Dear Iraq,

Stop fighting yourselves. Sunni, Shi'a, or Kurd, you're still Iraqi. As presumptuous as we seem, America will not fix your problems. This is because America can't. We may have destroyed your towns, cities, government, and society, and while we may be appearing to set you up for the future, we can't do that. We don't have the capacity to do so, because we are not Iraqi. This is where you need to stop fighting each other, cooperate, give us the middle finger, and make a success out of yourself that America could not. A loss of a son, daughter, or Imam to Sunnis is the same as the loss of a son, daughter or Imam to Shi'ites. You're only hurting yourselves by fighting and killing each other. And while you're wreaking havoc on the reputation of the White House, we don't have to live there in the end.

Come on ... you can do this. You just have to try.


I think I'm done.

~ m. <3
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