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Ireland was wonderful, and I have 8 disposable cameras worth of evidence. Hopefully many pictures came out, because there were a fair amount taken through the bus window; and, unfortunately, my disposables didn't come with the option to turn the flash off (so I spent many a minute squishing my fingers over the flash to hopefully nullify the effect).

Anyway, Dubliners are not quite all that nice. Rather quiet, keep to themselves, and walk terribly fast. Try not to get stuck talking to a sort of creepy old man from an antique shop in Kilkenny when he tries to tell you everything he knows about everyone in the city (even that there "are some Greys over that way"). Do kick out any Kate Flemings from your room before midnight so as to not distract from your precious few moments of sleep so that when you walk around Killarney, the misty weather doesn't bother you too badly. Do drink lots of water when you wish to drink too much alcohol. And when singing in a pub in Bunratty, make sure to take it with a grain of salt and laugh off the squishedness and awkward standing positions. But do enjoy the applause when the locals truly appreciate Danny Boy.

I've written up only a day or so of my travels. I don't know why I haven't just finished the rest. I think I'm waiting for the money to develop all of those cameras, lol. Anyway, hopefully I'll post something huge (don't worry, I'll use a cut, ffftt). And possibly include pictures.

Ireland's beautiful. And there are lots, and lots, of sheep.

laughter and love,
~ meg

p.s. - Ruth L., the tour blogger, has posted some interesting and highly amusing accounts of our tour; you can find her posts in the hollins community under the alias pink_orient.
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