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Employmet. Yay?

I got a job. =) Went in for my interview this morning at 10 AM ... then I came home and was passing the time before I deemed it an appropriate hour to call the boyfriend. Went to get lunch at Wawa (was semi-craving turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a liiiiittle bit of onion, on a toasted hero with some vinegar, plus a cup of soup — you know, to dip and whatnot. I love their chicken noodle!), and I was going to call him after I finished eating, but by the time I came home (about 12:30-ish) (ew, there's a spider on the wall), and mom said that there was a message for me. It was the people. I called the woman, Linda, back, and she offered me a position. I was, of course, happy because I'd told her about the time that I needed off and everything, and she called me two hours after my interview when she said she'd probably get back to me in a few days because they were still interviewing candidates. So, she was like, "When can you come down to fill out the paperwork?" So I asked her when it would be good; she said that I could come tomorrow or this afternoon. So I told her I'd come down after lunch. I was there for an hour and a half (all of which I'm getting paid for, spectacularly enough), signing papers and government forms and liability what-nots, she gave me a tour and stuff. I got my name tag. I also get to wear an apron (if I want), which I think is kind of cute and will probably do so for a bit. I have a locker and stuff. They all seem very nice and it seems relatively laid back. $7 an hour ... and I have a decent amount of hours already. I start tomorrow. She says the weekends are busy, but that I'll learn a lot ... which is good. =)

So, I'm excited. I have a job, and I get the time off that I need. Excitement.

Yoga really makes you happy, by the way. On a fairly unrelated side-note. I talked to Sean for a little bit earlier (read, half-hour) and he and the crew were going out for karaoke and whatnot. And, le sigh, the pang of "I want to be there with them" came back to haunt me. I drank two cups of tea, and did yoga, and now I actually feel really good. I don't know why ... but ... I do. So yay. Hopefully he'll call again later. ... maybe.

Work tomorrow, work tomorrow, tra-la-la-la-la-la ....

Okay, I'm done. Urgh. I miss Roanoke. =\
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