megamaroo (marishi) wrote,

from the 'noke to the 'noconos

Ha ha ... gotta' love the pun.

Yes, so, I'm back home. My parents came down to Virginia to pick me up on Sunday. Sunday was also commencement, so I woke up early, got somewhat dressy (spiffy shoes and nice top - still managed to incorporate jeans) and went. Checked some residents out, got to go out to lunch with Alyssa, Mary, and Dr. Harvey, who's leaving Hollins to start teaching graduate sociology at Georgia State next year. She's one of Hollins's best, so of course she's leaving! Apparently a couple of other good professors are leaving as well. Sad, sad semester.

The fact that I'm not going back to Hollins for an entire semester is very odd. Sure, I'll still be enrolled at Hollins, but I'll be in London for three months. This is incredibly exciting and incredibly daunting at the same time.

I started seeing someone a few weeks back. His name is Sean and, if you seriously want all the details (or, well, most of them), then check MySpace ... there're too many darn internet thingies to repost and crosspost everything everywhere. We've been dating for about three weeks and are going to attempt "toughing out" the long-distance thing. At least I'll be in Virginia for two solid weeks in July ... plus there'll be other visits, I'm sure. Mom and Dad say that I can take the car to Virginia, so this is a good thing. At least I'll have transportation for the time I'll have during Hollins Summer that's free. His best friend, Paul/Charlie is getting married today (to Jess). They'll all be there together having fun. It sucks that I had to leave a day earlier. Oh well, I told Sean I'd call later to sort of say Hi and Congratulations and all that jazz. This whole relationship idea is interesting. It's a first-experience sort of thing for me ... always watching my step, making sure I don't do something wrong. Even though there isn't really anything "wrong" ... everyone's different and therefore most relationships are different. But, yeah ... ya'll know my paranoia by now.

The thought of unpacking's a bit daunting ... all these boxes and crap are just piled in my room. Oh well, I'll do it eventually. I'm also anxious to get a job. I can't wait to start getting busy, earning money, walking around, that sort of thing. Makes me feel independent and free and all that jazz.

Though it's great to be home ... I miss Roanoke and Hollins and, well, everyone there.

Laughter and love,
~ meghan
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