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O ... M ... G ... (letters to be pronounced as such, letters ... no un-abbreviating here!)

Okay, so, you know how I've never watched poetry being performed before? Unless you count that one 'Melt da' Mic' ... which I don't ... because it wasn't a true labeled and created poetry performance. Well, that has changed. It was so beautiful. Tabitha (mixnmetalnwordz), a former resident of mine and beautiful poet, pretty much put together this whole night. There were several student performers, including herself; Rachael, one of my other Residents, opened with one of her own songs ... her, Isis, Janna, and I then led some comic relief by harmonizing a rendition of 'Ebony and Ivory'. Very hilarious ....

Anyway, she invited two professional slam poets to perform, who were AMAZING. Mekkah (g_buttafly) and Granma Dave (granmadave) ... they were so friendly, such incredibly beautiful people, and amazingly talented. It was such a blast. I manned the merch. table, and Dave tried to offer me merch. for helping out and I refused, and then I got a hug from both him and Mekkah ... and Mekkah sneakily slipped a CD to my friend to give to me when she left because I wouldn't have taken it otherwise. Sneaky! Very sneaky!

I hope both of them got home safely ... and Dave, I hope you passed your calculus test!

Life feels very wonderful right now ... that was just some true soul food.

To top that off, the vending machine is on the fritz. It's giving out free snacks like crazy. Mwahahaha. I don't feel the least bit bad for the damned thing. It's been not working properly and stealing money from everyone all semester. Serves it right!

Gotta' love it. Gotta' love life.

Makes me want to write poetry again. ;) Though it certainly would not come out nearly as intelligent or profound. I had a proud mommy moment again. I swear, my residents are going to kill me by the end of the year. ... what the heck am I going to be like when I have my own children? Oh boy ....

I did have a dream that I had a baby last night ...

So weepy this week ...

laughter and love,
~ meg
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