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. no one mourns the wicked .

Quite into Wicked right now ... though I haven't seen it. I really like the soundtrack, lol. I'm definitely on Spring Break right now ... chilling around the house. I went out the other night ... Saturday ... which was really nice. It was the least awkward Jona and I have been with each other, and it was a really great time (with Debi and Sara, too). No more calls yet, I'm hoping one will come tonight or else I'm going to go into another of my slumps, which basically occurred all day today, while I did nothing. I know that this is Spring Break and that ... you basically just do nothing (though work on some school stuff half-heartedly and not really). But I feel like I ought to be doing something. Making a quilt, knitting a blanket. Making baby photo albums for Aunt Colleen and K'lee ... making my denim skirt out of my old jeans. Reading up on the Slave Trade, Algeria, and African Politics. Starting a Non-Profit Organization for African Awareness ... updating the choir website. Cooking something. Baking something. Driving around somewhere with a destination. Shopping. Having money. Something. I calmed down from this weird drive earlier and chilled out, watched Food Network, fell asleep. But now it's back. Arrrgghhh!!

But, good news: Dad just called, my baby is fixxxeeddd! My car! :: cries. :: I love that thing a little too much! It's apparently all nice and clean and everything, too. I'ma take my "Raspberry Vanilla Cream" room spray and make sure it smells all nice, too. Excitement indeed. Now I feel freer. Because mum's been letting my drive the Explorer, which is all nice and great, but it eats gas like crazy and I don't have the money to keep putting it in there. But now I can just drive my car all around and around.

Something that I've been realizing in Sociology lately is that in reform movements, etc., people seem really resistant against something unless it's "All or Nothing." They won't take small steps in getting what they can while they can, but rather would want everything all at once. Does anyone else think that this is counter-productive? Or do most feel that it's a violation/betrayal of the cause to concede some in order to gain? I often wonder whether we've forgotten compromise. I really think it's something that's been put on the back burner for many. Just dealing with half the roommate issues that I've had to ... it's really insane to see the need for instant gratification, the lack of looking at something at all angles, the lack of willing to compromise and concede a little for the greater good.

I'm becoming bitter. =\ I agree with Emily, this year is just incredibly funky. I see these girls that have traits that remind me of myself. Some of the traits that I possess now and want to change, or just traits that I've had in the past and it pains me (or usually just irritates me) to see it in someone else and know how people will see them or treat them. Or something. I don't know how to explain it. I just want to shake several people, not just the ones with the traits, and tell them to grow up. But why do they have to grow up? I mean, that's the point of life, to keep growing, and it's not like we're all the same. We all do so and realize things at different paces. It's just really incredibly hard to be okay with everything. I don't know. I need like a week alone. Completely and utterly alone to begin to miss human life or something. It be's craziness. I dunno.

This just in: Phone call received. Meg be's going out tonight. Holler.

Anyway, I still don't know what I want to do with my life. Any suggestions?

~ meg <3
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