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Old School vs. New School: More Than Just Music and Clothes

I've become increasingly aware of the idea that there are two kinds of people in this world: old schoolers and new schoolers. In this way, I mean people with ideological values similar to those of the people of the past, and those with the ideological values of people of the future. By ideological values, I can mean several things: thoughts and mentality, work ethic, ethics, relationships, self-image, dedication and ambition, among a few other things that I probably can't even begin to name.

Old schoolers possess a very self-reliant perspective. They accept responsibility for their persons and their actions. New schoolers seem to believe that problems are not their responsibility ... that someone else will take care of it (or that it is someone else's job to take care of it).

This is, of course, an extremely sketchy, not-quite-thought out theory, but with every passing day, I think that I believe it to be true. Newer generations, I feel, have a poorer work ethic (not everyone, mind you). Dedication to school work and hard work has slowly begun to deteriorate over time. It's really kind of sad in the way that ... when we're old and have children and grandchildren, will this still be the case? And will it have dwindled so far as to almost be non-existent? Or, perchance, will there be a reactionary social movement to change things back to the way it once was?

I swear, everything exists in a cycle.

I don't know. Be aware of your actions and your responsibilities. If you've done something wrong, be aware of that. But more importantly, if you've done something wrong and are caught, take responsibility for your actions and the consequences they imply. It's really awful to see people who are guilty attempt to manipulate the system in order to not be held accountable for their actions. If you did something wrong, you did something wrong. I understand that there may be circumstances surrounding such a situation which muddle things up a bit ... but I think that people in those situations are generally more apt to accept responsibility for their actions — even if, perhaps, it is not advantageous to them. I'd like to think, of course, that humans have more character than that.

But then again, perhaps responsibility, morality, and whatnot are all slowly going down the drain. Who knows? This is a tale for future generations to tell.

~ m.
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