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And the whole reason I mentioned the spiral bound legal pad is because that was what I wrote most of the notes and most of the body to a short story I finally got to write last semester. I don't quite know what to do with it anymore. I wanted to finish it and submit it to the Cargoes contest, but it's way more than 7,000 words, which is depressing.

Here's the thing: I originally had it all outlined to end at a certain part. And I did, that's all finished. But then while in workshop, I got a couple more ideas and switched the ending a bit ... which allows me to write more for one of the characters, which I then started to do. ... but when I look back at it, I feel like adding more and finishing this one character's story is going to detract from the original tale. ... so I'm wondering if I should separate the two. Keep the first part as an independent short story and the second, perhaps, as a sequel, but not necessarily something that's essential to the first tale.

And then, if I do that, do I keep the original ending I had, or do I keep the new one?

All right, enough with that rant. Anyone ever have a problem like this before?

~ m.
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